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RJ Bogdon

rjR.J. Bogdon joined Mon Valley Push,on drums, in the fall of 2011. He began his musical career learning trumpet in elementary school. He began playing polkas with his brother and cousins in the Polka Bees. In the mid 80′s he taught himself how to play the drums and began performing with Matt Wasielewski’s Polka Jets while still in high school. He later joined Energy. After a 10 year absence from playing polka music, in 2004 he joined John Stevens Doubleshot where he recorded 2 cd’s. RJ has had the honor of sitting in with many of the top polka bands including TPM, Polka Family and  TBC just to name a few. You can catch RJ playing a few tunes on trumpet as well as bass. RJ works for UPS and resides in Heidelberg with his wife Heather and daughter Alivia.